Design Thinking 4 Humanities

exploration space - 1040 Wien, Wohllebengasse 12-14

Alessandro Deserti, Politecnico di Milano, Department Design, and Francesca Rizzo, University Bolognia, Department of Architecture, introduce into Design Thinking and Service Design. We invite participants of all sectors to a highly interactive co-design workshop as part of our "brainfood. methods 2 inspire" series.

The co-creation workshop "Design thinking 4 Digital Humanities", organised by exploration space, run by Alessandro Deserti and Francesca Rizzo, aims to introduce Design thinking and service design as methods to innovate the Humanities from a human centered perspective. This invitation-only workshop brings together actors of all sectors, to apply the methods introduced and take first approaches toward the co-creation of a "food lab".
This workshop is connected to the DARIAH-EU grant 2016 "Public Humanities" and supported by the project exploreAT!