Eveline Wandl-Vogt

Experimentalist, Cultural Lexicographer with multidisciplinary background; Open Innovation in Science embassador; research manager at the Austrian Academy of Sciences (coordinator Lexicography Laboratory) and European research manager : COST IS 1305 European Network of electronic Lexicography (ENeL) member of the Steering Group, member of the Management Committee; Chair Working Group 4: Lexicography and Lexicology from a Pan-European view, Dissemination Manager at DARIAH-CC.

Austrian Academy of Sciences
Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities
Vienna, Austria



  • Dorn, A.,Wandl-Vogt, E., Bowers, J., Piringer, B., Seltmann, M (2016) exploreAT! – perspectives of exploring a dialect  language resource in a framework of European digital infrastructures. 1st International Conference on Sociolinguistics. Insights from Superdiversity, Complexity and Multimodality (ICS-1), Abstract band. Budapest, Hungary.

  • Benito, A., Losada, A., Therón, R., Dorn, A., Seltmann, M. & Wandl-Vogt, E (2016) A spatio-temporal visual analysis tool for historical dictionaries. Proceedings of the International Conference Technological Ecosystems for Enhancing Multiculturality (TEEM).Salamanca, Spain.

  • Dorn, A., Wandl-Vogt, E, Bowers, J & Declerck, T. (2016) The colour of language! Exploiting non-standard colour terms semantically for interdisciplinary research. Conference on Progress in Colour Studies (PICS) 2016. Abstract band. London, UK.
  • Dorn, A., Villalva, A., Giouli, V., Blanck, W., Kovalenko, K.& Wandl-Vogt, E. (2016) Displaying language diversity on the European Dictionary Portal: COST ENeL Case Study on Colour Terms and their Cultural References. Proceedings of EURALEX 2016, Tbilisi, Georgia.

  • Declerck, T., Dorn, A. & Wandl-Vogt, E. (2016) Adding Polarity Information to Entries of the Database of Bavarian Dialects in Austria. Margalitadze. T. & Meladze, G. (Eds.) Proceedings of XVII EURALEX 2016. Tbilisi, Georgia. 

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